Nick Sullivan, Creationeer

Creationeer is a word I created that combines creation and engineer, which I think describes what I do.

As a computer programmer, I build software and develop technology that simplifies peoples' lives. Over the years, I’ve focused on web-based product development, spanning the full range of initiatives from concept creation to large-scale rollout. I’ve lead development, user interface and systems administration teams, and founded my own companies.

My rare blend of strong communication skills, intelligence, and passion serves me well as a seasoned technology professional. It affords me the opportunity to understand how people think and then develop the solution that best solves the problem. My goal is to enlighten computers with the knowledge of how the human brain works. The more they learn about us, the easier our lives will be.


Relationships are built on trust; I aim to be someone you can count on.


Working well with others isn't enough, I help others communicate.


It's easy to be passionate about your work when you love what you do.

Work Ethic

I derive joy from doing things for other people.

Decision Making

Rule #0 - don't be stupid.


I aim to live my life simply, and that guides my work.


Package.json Validator

A simple tool for validating package.json files for npm/node.js.

Validate package.json files


Tired of building the same components for user experience over and over again, I created a user experience toolkit called Pilotfish.



As a project for a client with high security needs, I created a simple set of bash scripts that record when a user logs in, optionally emailing commands they executed upon logout, and then released it as an open source project so others can use it.

Sunlight on github

Positive Retribution

Fed up with the Westboro Baptist Church, I built a website to collect donations as a counter-protest - effectively using their momentum against them.

Visit Positive Retribution


I have tailored a set of unix dotfiles over the years, and I made it available as an open source project so that others can use. You'll find quite a bash setup, a hardened vim setup, and a few other goodies. There is even a self installing script that will set everything up for you.

Homedir on github

Node Geoip Server

I needed a way to return a users geo ip as JSON for web requests, so I wrote a thin wrapper around the MaxMind Geoip database in node.js, and then released it as an open source project so others can use it.

Node Geoip Server on github

Stock Option Calculator

I found myself wanting a quick way to calculate the value of stock in a company, so I built a calculator, then decided to make it available for anyone to use. This should help other startup employees understand what the value of their stock is.

Stock Option Calculator


106 Miles

106 Miles is an entrepreneurial-oriented engineering meetup originally started by Adam Rifkin and Joyce Park. With a combination of advice, networking, and fun, we call it a drinkubator. There are now 5 locations - New York, Palo Alto, Redwood City, Southern California and San Francisco. I help run the one in San Francisco - come join us some time!

Visit the 106 miles meetup


SFJS is San Francisco's Javascript meetup, the largest of it's kind in the world. I am a co-organizer, bringing sponsors, speakers, and the occasional insight.

Visit the SFJS meetup



Krux is my full time job, and it's a great one. I started as employee #1, and I've been there since 2010. We build products that help you protect, manage, and monetize your data. As the VP of Technology, I've helped build out the team, the technology, and the culture.



A client of mine, I setup the infrastructure and helped build out the site. It's an HTML5 gaming platform.



A startup that I founded in 2009, after incubating inside It's an Ad Network Optimizer written in Javascript that optimizes which ad to display to a user to maximize revenue. It (conservatively) doubled Wikia's revenue and allowed them to reach profitability. I spun it out as a separate company, with me as the founder. It became a "learning experience".

Liftium on github


I joined Wikia in 2008 and helped them build out infrastructure, organize the structure of the company, develop a product development workflow, and reach profitability through revenue and efficiency improvements.



I helped launch Wikinvest. Acting as a Virtual CTO, I've advised them over the years on infrastructure, security, performance, and unix administration.



While working at Yahoo!, first I worked at, where I improved their infrastructure and process. I was then pulled into the SDS group, where I worked with great folks to architect, build, and roll out their User Location Platform, the most sophisticated Geo targeting platform in the world.


Hired as senior developer in 2000, I became the CTO and Chief Software Architect. In my 7 years at the company, I built out a large portion of the platform, hired a team of engineers (50+), and created the best autos, real estate, and employment platforms in the world.



A silly side project - this is a place to see funny pictures that are too embarrassing for facebook. I use it as a playground for my technology ideas.


Zipline, in my backyard

I have built a zipline in my backyard. Why? Because it's cooler than having a T-Rex.

View presentation on how to build a zipline in your backyard


I take my reputation very seriously, and it seems to have paid off over the years. Here's what some other folks have to say.
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